Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2009 Chicago Quilt Festival

2009 Chicago Quilt Festival

Well, we are back and survived the 2009 Chicago Quilt Festival!  (I missed all of you in the past few months by the way - I apologize for not being a good blogger - just had a tons 'o stuff going on!)

Chicago Festival was great, tons of great people, lots of good vendors and of course beautiful quilts!

Enjoy the slide show above of the quilts that I took photos of at the show.  If you would rather visit my webshots album and look at the pictures individually here's that link

I have to keep this "short and sweet" today.  I've got 3 weeks until I leave for Quilt Market that is being held in Pittsburgh this spring and I'm a sewing fiend right now!  The fabrics are flying, the sewing machine is humming and the printer is spitting out pattern covers and intructions!  Wish me luck!

And good luck to all the vendors down in Paducah this week! And for all you attendees at this show- have fun!

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