Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quilt Shop Hopping in My Area

I did a lot of thinking today after reading a post on FaceBook this afternoon that really bothered me,  about yet another quilt shop closing it's doors.  It seems a weekly topic, yet another good quilt shop closes for one reason or another.

This really bothers me!  We need our quilt shops to stay open! We need to be able to walk through those doors anytime we get the "urge" to enjoy these wonderful places.  I love to visit any quilt shop I can when I am traveling or when I just need to get out and about and have a day to myself to rejuvenate instead of staying indoors tending to my own business in my own little world!!  I need a quilt shop for fun and laughter and good old fashioned girl time.  

I save my loose change up in a special jar just to use when I get these "urges" to splurge, when I really do not need anything at all.  But I consider it "found" money when the jar gets full and I hop right over to the bank, cash it in for a few "green bucks" and go buy whatever catches my eye  at the quilt shop - sometimes with no project in mind!  It's fun!

So here are a few quilt shops in my local area.  If you are ever "out and about" around here - I really recommend stopping at any of them.  Each has there own personal touches and I love them.  This of course is not a complete list of all we have here and I am certainly not promoting one over the other - this is simply a list of shops I've been to recently!
Here ya go - enjoy - visit their websites if they have one if you cannot come visit "my area" in person!!!

Robert's Sewing Center  in Crest Hill, Illinois - this is the great shop I was able to have my very first book signing at a few weeks ago for our new book. They graciously welcomed me and the day was great!  Love this shop - love all the models hanging all around, they have wool goodies here too as well as every fabric imaginable!

Thimbles Quilt Shop in Lockport, Illinois- another goodie!!!! Love the gals that run this shop, they are so fun to be around!  Great older downtown location - and they have a wide assortment of fabrics!

A Touch Of Amish in Barrington, Illinois - this is where we were last week for another book signing!  Great group of gals there too!  Love the 2 old homes that have been "connected" and refurbished to create a wonderful shopping atmosphere! Reproduction fabrics galore as well as many other fabrics!

Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop in Fox River Grove, Illinois.  - I stopped at this lovely shop for the first time last week and it will not be the last time either!  Great shop in an old refurbished house and it's filled to the brim with reproduction goodness!  They also have an excellent blog which you can find here.

And better yet - you know that Alice's WashDay Blue's Fabric that we all were eagerly awaiting?  Well, the gal that owns this shop designed that fabric and if you visit the shop website - the free pattern that accompanies that fabric can be found there!  Enjoy!

Next on our road trip last week was this gem:

The Quilt Merchant - ahhhh - love this shop.  Love it to pieces! Great atmosphere and a wonderful selection of fabrics of all kinds.  Wool goodies too!  If you are looking for Jo Morton - they have a ton - oldie but goodie prints and new prints!  Also - remember the Grace's Dowry Shirtings fabric line?  Well this is home to the designer - Beth Fuller herself!  And a little "birdie" told me she will be having another line of fabric debuting this fall with Windham Fabrics so watch for it!

Here is there blog also!

Next up - well this shop isn't really local to me - but I did visit it about a month ago when I went on my little adventure to Bloomington, Indiana for a quilt show!

The Back Door in Greenwood, Indiana - love this store.  Love it!  I "request" we stop here every time we are in that area once a year on our way to visit family in West Virginia!  My dear hubbie always makes time for my "special request"!  I remember one year when the kids were little and still in car seats, he made a special stop just for me and he stayed outside with the kiddos and entertained them and had a picnic lunch!  

This shop holds special memories for me because it was the very first shop that I ever visited years ago that carried just about all my wool pennyrug patterns and kits.  They had them all on display back then with the models and I just cried from excitement when I saw that display.  That really meant a lot to me and I'll never forget that moment!

This shop is another great "go to" if you are looking for older Jo Morton fabrics (and all the new too!) - trust me - I picked up a few last month!!!!  Lots of gorgeous kits and lovely wool goodies too!

Here is their blog:

And last but not least for today.

On my way back from Bloomington, Indiana last month, I had to stop at The Treadle in Bloomington, Illinois (yes you read that correct - 2 Bloomingtons in one day - two different states!)  They do not have a website, nor a blog. But I feel they are worthy of mentioning.  It's a treasure trove of older and newer fabric lines and a true shopping experience.


As I said before - this is not a complete list of shops in this area - only shops I have been to recently.  I'm not choosing one over the other - each has their own special qualities about them. I love each of them and want to support them in anyway I can.  Stop by their websites and enjoy - leave a comment on their blogs and say hi!  Go shopping at their stores!  If you do any of the above - make sure you tell them Tara from Sew Unique Creations sent you or Tara from Sew Unique Creations said "Hi" - I'm sure they would get a kick out of that!

I hope you enjoyed my little rambling post on my personal thoughts.  I urge you to support your local small business's!

And if you are the owner of any of the quilt shop's I mentioned on here today - you are special to me.  I enjoy your quilt shop and all you do and I hope you are around for many year's to come - thank you for all your back breaking work and efforts.  Thank you for being in business and supporting my "habits" and designs also.  If you are an employee of one of these quilt shops - keep up the good work - we all appreciate you!  If you are a fan or supporter of any of these shops - keep on being a fan and supporter and let the owners know how much you enjoy them being there for you!

Have a great quilting day everyone - and maybe take a little trip out to your own local quilt shop today if you feel the urge!

The Cotton Club Block Of The Month Club

Oh Boy, we've been thinking about doing this for a few weeks now and after the flood of emails and calls we received about "The Cotton Club BOM" we bit the bullet and jumped in feet first! (Thanks for the little "push" - you know who you are!)

We hope you join us on our next adventure in this amazing journey known as:

designed exclusively for quilters like you and I by none other than:


You just gotta love those Bonnie Blue Gals!

To read more about the many options we have available for this club, please visit us here on our website!  

We will also have the full Cotton Club fabric line in our store and available in July of this year!  Pre - Ordering for the fabric line itself will be available in June of this year.  Here's a little peek at this gorgeous collection:

You can view the full fabric collection here on our website:

Also - if you haven't been to our website in the past couple days - look what just arrived!

It's Cedar Chest Memories - it surprised us! 
We didn't expect this fabric until next month!!!

And the rest of Alice's Wash Day Blues is scheduled to arrive today.  We are only waiting on one more piece and we can ship out all the pre-orders!!!!

Aunt Sarah Quilt

Oh Boy.

Found another goodie to add to the "Must Make In My Lifetime" list.
Have you seen the newest edition of Quilt Mania magazine?

This is issue #82 and it's a keeper!  Lot's of fabulous photos as usual, but this project is calling my name:

This is Aunt Sarah - found on page 56 of the magazine.  I love it!

There's also a nice article on the "Baltimore's Daughters" exhibit that was on display at the 2010 Houston Quilt Festival.  Another good article with more great photos - Baltimore Album Quilts - which is about Patricia Cox and Betty Mansfield and their last summer seminar.  Love Patricia Cox designs - here's two of her designs I hope to make in the future also!

 The Mary Brown Quilt

The Mary Jane Carr Quilt

Wow - Better Late Than Never, I suppose!!!

I think I really need to get caught up on my emails and everyone's blog post out there in quilt land! 

We've been nominated for an award for Best Quilt Store Online.  Now how cool is that!  Thank you to whomever nominated us- and go vote! Check this out:

Vote for your favorite Nominees for the 2011 Golden Quilter Awards

Voting for your favorite Nominees for the 2011 Golden Quilter Awards is accepted here thru March 31st.  I hope you will take time to vote, as this is your opportunity to help recognize those that have made our world of quilting so wonderful.  Please be sure to follow all the rules, that are listed at the bottom of this post, for your vote to count. 

Congratulations to all of the nominees for the 2011 Golden Quilter Awards.  You were recognized by fellow quilters, from throughout the world, for your contributions in making our world of quilting so wonderful.   We hope you understand how much you are all truly appreciated.

1) Best Designer
Bari J. Ackerman    
Liz Angus at Sunflower Fields Pattern Co  (research pending)
Curtis Boehringer
Sherri K. Falls, This & That
Sarah Fielke
Joanna Figuora, Fig Tree Quilts
Jill Finley, Jilly Studio  Quilting
Harriet Hargrave
Julie Herman, of Jaybird Quilts
Lacy J. Hill,of Golden Thyme Design
Aneela Hoey of Comfortstitching and Sherbet Pips  (research pending)
Lori Holt, of Bee in my Bonnet
Susan Brubaker Knapp of Blue Moon River
Sandra Leichner
Toby Lischko (Gateway Quilts Stuff)
Patrick Lose
Kim McLean 
Melody Miller (Ruby Star Rising)
Nina Lise Moen
Verna Mosquera (The Vintage Spool)
Amanda Murphy
Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie Quilts
Angie Padilla (Angie's Bits & Pieces)
Jennifer Paganelli
Camille Roskelley (Thimble Blossoms)
Heather Ross
Erin Russek
Pat Sloan
Jessica J. E. Smith, mystery quilt designer of Quilt & Needle
Anne Sutton of Bunny Hills Designs
Sarah Vedeler
Elaine Waldschmitt, of The Quilted Closet
Linda Winters of B. Bumble & Company
Toni Whitney

2) Best Teacher/Instructor
Alex Anderson
Karen Kay Buckley
Margaret Bucklew, Chisled in Cloth
Mary Buvia, Shiisa Quilts
Kay Capps Cross
Karen Cunagin, Millefleur Fibre Arts
Carol Doak
Jenny Doan, of The Missouri Star Quilt Company & also teaches at Sympoz
Kaye England
Harriet Hargrave
Linda Hungeford, Stitchin Mission
Linda Hahn, Two Country Quilters
Bonnie Hunter, Quiltville
Susan Brubaker Knapp of Blue Moon River
Kay Mackenzie
Wendy Mathson
Sue Nickels
Sue Patten
Dawn Ramirez, the Pajama Quilter
Sharon Schamber
Pat Speth (Nickel quilt books)
Elly Sienkiewicz, Applique with Elly
Pat Sloan
Mary Ellen Von Holt  of Little Quilts, Marietta, GA     
Sarah Vedeler
Pat Wys of Silver Thimble Club
3) Best Author
Karla Alexander, Saginaw Street Quilt Company
Bari J
Kim Brackett, Magnolia Bay Quilts
Eleanor Burns, of Quilt In A Day
Kim Diehl
Sarah Fielke
Linda Franz
Linda J. Hahn
Harriet Hargrave
Elizabeth Hartman
Judy Laquidara, Patchwork Times
Bonnie Hunter, Quiltville
Lynn Jensen (Thimbleberries)
Liz Kettle
Sandra Leichner
Patrick Lose
Cheryl Lynch
Kay Mackenzie
Gwen Marston
Deborah Moebes
Tonya Ricucci (UnRuly Quilter
Pat Sloan
Kathleen Tracey (A Sentimental Quilter)

4) Best Quilt Store (Physical)
A Quilted Heart in Vacaville, Ca
Cozy Quilt Shop, El Cajon, CA
Fabric-Etc, in Bellingham, WA
Fabric Expressions,  Littleton CO
Fabric Shack, Waynesville, Ohio
Glacier Quilts of Kalispell, Montana
Going Batty, Reno, NV
Harriet's Treadle Art, in Wheat Ridge, CO
Luella's Quilt Basket, Redondo Beach, CA
The Quilt Barn in Puyallup, WA
The Quilt Crossing, in Boise, Idaho
Little Quilts, Marietta, GA
Mary Jo's in Gastonia NC
Mill House Quilts, Waunakee, Wisconsin
Monica's Quilt and Beads Shop in Palm Desert, CA
Quilters Paradise, Escondido, CA
Quilting Possibilities & Sewing Center, in New Jersey
Quilts on Plum Lane, in Dade City, Florida
Quiltz, Phoenix, Arizona
Red Hen, Marietta, GA
Rosies Calico Cupboard, San Diego, CA 
Satin Moon, Victoria, BC
Serendipity Quilt Shop,  in Dagsboro, DE
Sew from the Heart, Scottsdale, AZ
Sew to Speak, Columbus, OH
Suzanne's Quilt Shop of Moultrie, Georgia
The Quilted Kitty, Lincoln, Nebraska
Tiny Stitches in Marietta, GA
Ye Olde Schoolhouse Quilts in Cedarburg, WI
Waterwheel House Quilt Shop, Londonderry Vermont

5) Best Quilt Store (online)
Abby Mays
Burgundy Buttons
Canton Village Quilt Works
Cotton Charm Quilts
Cozy Quilt Shop
Crazy Quilt Girl Fabric Shop
Delta Patchwork
Fabric Buffet
Fashionable Fabrics
Fat Quarter Shop
Green Fairy Quilts
Hawthorne Threads
I Have a Notion
Missouri Star Quilt Company
Old Country Store Fabrics
Pink Chalk Fabrics
Prairie Moon Quilts
Quilt Home
Quilt In A Day
Quilt Taffy
Sew Fresh Fabrics
Sew, Mama, Sew! in Canada
Sew Fun Quilts
Sew Unique Creations
Shabby Fabrics
Stitch in the Ditch in Canada
The Quilted Kitty
Venezie Designs

6) Best Long Arm Quilter
Natalia Bonner, Piece N Quilt
Thearica Burroughs, Pigtales & Quilts
 Mary Flynn of Quilt Hollow
Deb Geyer of Deb Geyer Quilter
Sarah Hahn, Two Country Quilters
Jessica Jones (Jessica's Quilting Studio
Kathy Kessler (Kathy's Machine Quilting)
Jackie Kunkle  (Canton Village Quiltworks)
Millie Kriel  (Millie's Quilting)
Judi Madsen - Green Fairy Quilts
Lisa Marie - That Crazy Quilty Girl
Sue Patten
Tammy Spencer - Quilt'n Things for You (research pending)

7) Most Innovative product (physical item)
AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutter
AccuQuilt Go!  Baby
Angler II, by Pam Bono Designs
Bias Stripper (ruler) by Quilt in a Day
Creatopia by Xyron
Cutting Corners Ruler set, by Sharyn Craig
Fusi-Boo Batting, by Fairfield Processing
HQ Sweet Sixteen
Lapel Stick
Rule Steady from Keep Quilting
Slice Fabrique by Making Memories
Set in Triangle ruler, by Quilt in a Day

8) Most Innovated product (software item)
Bernina Cutwork tool & software
Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7)
Inklingo, by Linda Franz
Kaleidoscope Kreator
Quilt Album Software
Pro-Q Designer

9) Most influential person in the world of quilting to-date, aka "Lifetime Achievement"
Alex Anderson
Eleanor Burns, Quilt in a Day
Fons & Porter team,  Marianne Fons and Liz Porter
Diane Gaudynski
Harriet Hargrave
Bonnie Hunter, Quiltville
Lynette Jensen, Thimbleberries
Patrick Lose
Gwen Marston (Liberated Quilting)
Nancy J. Martin
Dean Neumann, main programmer for Electric Quilt software.
Sharon Pederson
Pat Sloan
Kate Spain
Ricky Tims

10) Best Quilt Retreat
Bed, Breakfast, Quilts (BBQ weekends in Vermont)
North Bow Lodge (Alberta, Canada)
Saw Mill Creek Cottages  (Alberta, Canada)
Teton Patchworks Quilt Retreat, Eastern Idaho
That Dam Christmas Party, Patrick Lose- Hoover Dam/Boulder City, NV
Two Wacky Woman (Southern California)
Cindy Casciato's Quiltescape Retreat (Southern Idaho)
Quilters Connection Magazine Retreat, organized by Heather Macarther, in Canada

Rules for submitting approved votes:
1) Only one vote can be submitted per person.  
2) Votes for only one of the nominees, for any/all of the ten categories.
3) Votes are accepted by leaving a comment on this post, by the end of day of March 31st.
4) For those that do not have a blog, google account, etc. that would allow you to easily leave vote (comment) you can use the "Anonymous" feature of the comments, but your  vote (comment) must have a valid email address embedded in the comment. 
5) No reply bloggers, that do not leave their email address will not be eligible for the giveaway.  I need an easy way to contact winners of the giveaway.   To clarify, if you do not have a google account, or you have a fairly new google account,  there is a good chance your comment will appear as a no reply comment and your vote will not be counted.If you are in doubt check the page on my blog labeled "giveaways" for more insights on your settings or leave your email address embedded in your comment to be sure you can be contacted and validate your vote.  Thank you!

SewCalGal reserves the right to screen out votes that may be suspect of not following the intentions of the rules.

If you want to increase awareness of this activity with others by way of blogging, email, twitter, Facebook, etc., please feel free to do so.  Everyone is welcome to vote, but they do need to follow the rules to submit votes for them to count. 

If you have any questions, email me. 

As SewCalGal is hosting this event, she is unable to nominate or vote!

Votes will be counted early April.  After counting is complete, the ultimate winners of the 2011 Golden Quilter Awards will be announced on SewCalGal. 

SewCalGal will not be able to reply to all vote comments, due to the behind the scenes work that is required to coordinate this activity. But if you have a valid question,  that you do not find answered on the main page for this event, please email me.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, to the PR Angels that have taken time to help with PR for this event, and to all of you that took time to nominate those that you view are deserving to be nominated for the 2011 Golden Quilter Awards!  Ultimately, this is all about the quilters that deserve recognition for all they have done to make our world of quilting so wonderful.  And, SewCalGal couldn't host the Golden Quilter Awards without your help!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Simply Sixteenths Club

The Simply Sixteenths Club fabric packs are now up and running on the website!  For those that are members of the club, your fabrics will be shipping out tomorrow!  For everyone that doesn't want to be part of a monthly club, but would like this fabric pack, we cut plenty and they are now available!

and this news flash just in!!!!

Thank you to my buddy Kathy Brown of The Teacher's Pet for keeping me informed!  Our book is in the Top 20 best seller's at one of the leading quilt shop distributors - Checker Distributors!

Yeahhhhh!!!  (If you just felt the earth suddenly move - please forgive me - I caused the earthquake from jumping up and down!  LOL)

Thank you Quilt Shops, thank you wonderful quilters and friends, thank you Checkers and all your awesome sales reps and thank you Kansas City Star! This has moved me to tears this afternoon!!!!  I am on cloud nine right now and cannot wait to tell my husband and kids.

And again - for everyone that is "local" please come visit us at "A Touch Of Amish Quilt Shop" in Barrington, Illinois tomorrow at 10am!  We'd love to meet you!  Here's a little information that a friend sent to me:

Local Author!!!
will be at A Touch of Amish Quilt Shop
130 Applebee Street
Barrington, IL 60010 
on Friday, March 25, 2011
at 10:00 a.m. to
show and sign her new book with a Quilt TRUNK SHOW
the book is:
Simply Charming: Small Scrap Quilts of Yesteryear
A Touch of Amish Sew Small Club invites one and all to attend.
Bring a friend !! 

New Quilt Pattern & New fabrics!

We have uploaded a new quilt pattern to our website.  Above is "Two Piece Puzzle" a quilt pattern designed by us that first appeared in the April 201 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine!  Check your older issues to see if you already own this quilt pattern - if not - we now have it on our website.

From now through the end of March this quilt pattern is on sale and the shipping is free!  You can view this pattern and order here:

I must graciously thank:

Marsha - blogger extraordinaire for blogging about this quilt pattern and sharing her version on her blog below!  Isn't it pretty!  It just made my day to see her beautifully finished quilt on her blog!!!

You can view Marsha's Blog here:

In other news, we've had an avalanche of fabrics arriving on a daily basis.  Yesterday alone brought the arrival of:

The above 3 photos are of a great new fabric line that we somehow missed seeing last fall at quilt market and we were "lucky" enough to still be able to order it!  Love that cheater cloth fabric!

Prairie Homefront

Above is Shirt Tales!

And above is the long awaited
Civil War Reunion fabric by Barbara Brackman!  We have received almost all the pieces to this collection - we are still waiting on one more bolt to make it's grand appearance, which will be early next week!  All the other fabrics are available on line!

And for those of you that do not subscribe to our newsletter - below is a copy of what we sent out earlier this week!  So - as usual, if you are already a subscriber - no need to read any further! 

Have a great quilting day!

Shirt Tales
A new 15 piece collection of shirtings and three colorful prints are here!

Shirt Tales bundles and yardage!

Back in stock:

Toasty by Jo Morton

We placed a double order again of Toasty so there are plenty of bundles and yardage available now!


Bonnie Blue Basics III
Now back in stock - all bundles and yardage are available once again!

And also, even though it's these are not reproduction fabrics either - we still liked these 2 fabrics and received them this week!

Creamery Neutrals IV by Buggy Barn

And more:

Collections For A Cause: Faith
We have 6 different size bundles of fabric to chose from and all are available again!
(and yardage too!)
And in on-going news:

Civil War Reunion

This fabric will start "appearing" on our doorstep this coming Thursday.  I say "start" because for some "unknown" reason, Moda is not shipping all of our fabrics at once - as they have traditionally done in the past.  We have orders for this fabric line coming in starting on Thursday and continueing through next Monday so far (with many more shipments to come!!!)  Mr. UPS will be a busy boy!

We will begin to ship orders as soon as everything arrives!


Alice's Wash Day Blues


Crossroads To Texas

have been delayed.  This is beyond our control and without going into an extreme discussion about my "pleasant" phone conversations yesterday - believe me when I say - the fabric will be coming.  Blue Hill is moving their entire inventory to a new warehouse location.  This means - a 2 week delay - this news is coming directly from Blue Hill.  I know, I know - why did they not tell us of this move sooner????  Your guess is as good as mine!

On a more positive note - we have ordered more of each fabric line.  Thank you to each of you that have pre-ordered and personally contacted us to inquire about ordering more yardage.  The additional fabric orders have been placed and I will now try to "play the waiting game" in a ladylike fashion (this is very hard for me - I want this gorgeous fabric here as much as you do!) Also - Blue Hill tells me that they are improving their website to make it more user friendly and will also be offering a "freebie" pattern with each fabric line very soon!

Also (hint-hint) you really should check out the new lines of fabric that we will have coming in starting in June!

Dear Jane II
Cotton Club
Sara's Stash

The following we do not have fabric images for just yet - but trust me - each line is gorgeous!

Crimson Bouquet by Jo Morton
Sweet Emilie by Jo Morton
Carolina by Jo Morton
Manchester by Nancy Gere (maybe - we are waiting to see if this is still available to us!)
Prairie Homefront by Julie Larsen (same thing here - we are waiting to see if the fabric is even still available!)

And in other "local" news - if you are in the Barrington, Illinois area this coming Friday, March 25th from 10 am to around 11 or so - come see me!

I'll be signing our new book and showing each of the 20 quilts at the following quilt shop:

130 Applebee Street
Barrington, IL 60010

And a special note for our friends "across the pond"  - particularly our customers in Australia!

Please take the time to notice when you place your next order that we have updated our shopping cart to now include the Australian States as a shipping option instead of choosing "outside the US" as your shipping address!  If you do not see your state - do not panic, order as you normally do and email us with the name of your state and we will "update" our system again to include it!

Also - welcome customers from Cyprus!  We have now added your country to our shipping locations!  If ever you cannot "find" your country or state listed in our options on our shopping cart - just email us and we'll add you!

and finally.....

Paducah Kentucky or bust!

We'll see you (at least we hope to!) in Paducah, Kentucky at the 27th annual Paducah Quilt Show!

Our booths will once again be located in the mall - so come visit us!  We'll be bringing everything you see on the website - plus much more!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Sarah Johnson Quilt

This is one of my all time favorite quilts and since seeing this quilters version (shown below in the photos) at the Bloomington, Indiana quilt show - it has now been moved back up to the - must do soon stage! LOL

I've begun a scavenger hunt to collect more fabrics for this quilt. I've pulled quite a few from my stash and hope that maybe someday soon I can begin working on it!

The pattern for this quilt can be found in the book "Enduring Grace" by Celia Y Oliver. It is an excellent book - well worth it and has other quilt patterns and wonderful photos also.

Or if you would like this pattern only the following website produced it:

I hope you enjoy the photos I took of this quilt at the show!!!

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