Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NQA Columbus Quilt Show Pictures

Here are the photos from the quilt displays that I took while at the National Quilting Associations quilt show a couple weeks ago.  There were some really wonderful quilts on display and I was able to get a lot of really good shots - even some good "up close" ones.  Man, I love my new camera!

Below is the slide show, but it you prefer to go directly to my WebShots album and view the photos individually, that link is below the slide show!

2010 NQA Quilt Show, Columbus, Ohi

Go To My Webshots click here -
NQA Quilts on WebShots

Civil War Causes Fabric Collection

Civil War Causes fabric collection has arrived!  This collection is a combination of "past favorites" from various fabric designers.  These fabrics will be featured in an upcoming book due out this fall by Homestead Hearth.

You can view the fabrics here:

Above is an image of the quilt Aurelia's Journey that features these fabrics.  Here is more information on the project:

AURELIA'S JOURNEY is a special compilation collection that brings together favorite prints from Judie Rothermel, Paula Barnes, Homestead Hearth, the Heritage Center Museum, and the New England Quilt Museum.

An accompanying book is scheduled for release early Fall 2010. Written by Homestead Hearth and published by Kansas City Star Qults, the book will supply quilters with the instructions to recreate the antique quilt that inspired the project.

Designers Dolores Smith and Sarah Maxwell discovered the antique quilt, wondering about the maker and whether she had experienced the events that triggered the war and the war itself. Combining old favorites with unique, more complex blocks, the maker obviously devoted many hours to making this quilt, which was completed in 1875. Dolores & Sarah decided to recreate the historical treasure, adapting the blocks for more contemporary techniques like rotary cutting or foundation piecing. To retain the historical integrity of the original, they worked with Marcus Fabrics to bring together a fabric collection reminiscent of the original fabrics, including the fabulous cheddar used in the sashing.

Reflections Of An Era Past Fabric Collection

Reflections Of An Era Past Fabric Collection designed by Paula Barnes of Bonnie Blue Quilts for Marcus Brothers arrived while I was in Shipshewana last week.  I was so excited when I saw these boxes - such yummy shades of cheddar, reds, creams and browns.  This collection is very drool worthy.....

You can see the fabrics and the bundles here:

Olde Cedar Chest Fabric Collection

Olde Cedar Chest fabric collection designed by Faye Burgos for Marcus Brothers arrived just before I left for Shipshewana!  I've uploaded all the fabrics and the bundles.  You can view the fabric here:

Our Booth at NQA Columbus!

Here's a bunch of photos I took of our booth at the recent National Quilting Association Quilt Show in Columbus, Ohio.  The booth shots are from start to finish!  It took about 4 hours to set the booth up!

My Kind Of Ride

This van cracked me up.  I spotted this behind the convention center at the NQA Quilt Show in Columbus.  I've decided I want one too - except mine will have a thimble, spool of thread and a needle sticking up off the top.  Besides the quilt show at the convention center - there was also a knitting show!

Also - I'm searching for a gal that sent me some charm squares to swap with her - will K. Long please contact me via email?  Thank you!

Keep the charm squares coming if you are interested in swapping!  We are really having fun with this.  I packed up a bunch yesterday and will be working on more today!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shipshewana Quilt Festival

Well, well - I have a little friend here that is my booth neighbor in Columbus, Ohio at the NQA Quilt Show and she has rented a building in Shipshewana next week during the quilt show.  And here's the exciting news - she invited me to vend in the building with here!!

Yahoo! Shipshewana - here I come!

I would love for you to stop and see us at Spector's Store which is right across the street from Yoder's Department Store! Talk about a great location!  Cindy from Cindy's Antique Quilts will be there with all her goodies - antique quilts, quilt tops, quilt pieces and blocks, antique fabrics and notions and all kinds of goodies.  And then me - with all my reproduction yumminess! I'll be loading the trailer up with all kinds of goodies - and tons of bolts of fabrics, a lot of which will be on sale to help clear out the stock room and make room for all the other treasures I have coming in the next few months!  So, if you're reading this little old blog of mine and come over and see us at Spector's - I'll give you one free pattern of your choice just for mentioning my blog!  That's how much I like you all!  :O} (one freebie per person please, let's play nice....)

Here's a link to the main Quilt Festival page:

We will be setting up for the show this coming Tuesday and open on Wednesday at Spectors.  Our store hours will be 9 am to 5 pm daily and on Saturday we have shortened hours and have to be out of the building by 3 pm - so I'm guessing we'll have to start packing up around noon or so that day.

So, if you have even been thinking the tiniest bit about heading out to Shipshewana next week - you just gotta come.  There are so many different quilt related activities and vendors and even a Quilt Shop Hop going on in the area - it's just unbelievable!
And of course, we'll be swappin' charm squares there too, so bring your charm squares and I'll swap there at the show with you!  I'm really having a good time swapping charms here in Columbus!

I've taken pictures of about 1/2 the quilts so far and cannot wait to share them with you!!!! The quilts here in Columbus are amazing, the people are wonderful, the weather is sunny and we are just having a blast!  The booth looked like a tornado hit it today, but that's ok - I'll go in early tomorrow and clean!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NQA Quilt Show in Columbus, Ohio!

 We arrived in Columbus, Ohio yesterday and unloaded the trailer in the steamy, hot weather!  The show opens later this evening - so I better get crackin' today and get my booth set up!  For those of you coming to the show - be sure to stop by our booth - #843

Click on the  link above and it will take you to NQA's website and you can see all about the show!

I'll try to remember to take my camera with me today so I can take some before and after shots of setting the booth up.  Last night after I finished unloading the trailer I was so hot and sweaty, I couldn't stand the thought of touching any quilts or fabric and so I left this huge pile of "stuff" just sitting in the booth. While I was standing there catching my breath, I just had to laugh -- what a huge pile of "stuff" I brought in!  Goodness, hope it all fits in that booth - I really need to get a bigger booth size from now on!

Don't forget about my little charm square exchange going on right now!  If you missed out on that, read the post from a couple days ago - I've heard some pretty funny stories so far about ugly fabrics and I've got a good amount of people swapping with me so far!  Bring on the charms folks!

Have a great day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Charm Square Exchange - Wanna Join In?

I just have to do it - I've always wanted to - but never did!

So - I'm going to host a Charm Square Exchange.

And I have to admit - I don't like rules very much and just want to have fun with this.  So let's keep it simple, here's the details.

1. This charm square exchange is for 5" charm squares of good quality 100% cotton.  Any color, pretty much any style of fabric (please no baby fabrics, no flannel, no super neon brights, no furry stuff  etc.)  If you like the style of fabrics I show on my website - we'll get along just fine.  I like reproductions - but I really love a good scrappy look in my projects and generally do not stick with just reproductions - I just like fabric (sometimes I think I need a 12 step program to overcome this habit - LOL!)


2. There will be no set minimums or maximums.  We'll exchange as many charm squares as you'd like (I might regret that - OK - no more than 200 charms or so - OK?) You send me 10 - I'll send you 10 back etc....

3. Please no more than 4 identical charms.  I'm not planning on sending you any repeat fabrics in return (unless of course you decide to send me 200 or more charm squares - then I'm probably going to include a few doubles in there!)

4. This charm square exchange is just between you and I so there are no deadlines.  As soon as your charms come in, I'll do my best to mail you back the same amount the next day.  (I'm usually pretty good about shipping stuff out - but I do retail quilt shows so if you don't get them right back in a few days or if I'm not returning emails quickly - don't worry - I'm out hanging out as a vendor at another quilt show!) I'm sure at some point in the future we'll have to call it quits and I'll just post on my blog and website when it's over.

5. Please - ship as cheaply as you can - do not go through a big expense over this.  You pay the shipping to me and I'll pay for the shipping to send you some charms back - no need to include a self addressed, stamped envelope or anything! Just make sure your return address is legible on the envelope so I no where to send your goodies back to!

6.  I do not wash my fabric prior to working with it and do not expect you to have your fabric charms washed either!

7.  Now - here's the kicker - I really, really (pretty, please) want you to send me an "ugly" charm.  Don't laugh - there is a reason for my madness.  Simply include in your package a charm that you have labeled with the word "ugly" - just a simple little fabric label pinned to the charm is fine - or you can write really small on the back of the charm square "ugly" - please use a pencil or fabric pen if writing on the fabric and write as closely on one of the edges on the wrong side of the fabric as possible.  I've got some projects in the works and I need some "uglies"

OK see this beautiful Chrome Yellow charm square above?  I really do not think it's ugly - but I know a lot of people do not like Chrome yellow - the picture is just to show you an "ugly" in a lot of peoples minds!

8.  OK - I'm going to make one last request and then I'm done - I promise!  I would love to have a small signature block to work with from everyone!  Using a tone on tone, tan, white, shirting, marbled, tea stained, cream or whatever - just make it a light colored fabric charm square- write your signature and your city and state on the fabric.  Write small and center it on the fabric as best as you can with your name on the top and your city and state below. Write in a permanent fabric marker if you can - just something that will not wash out or bleed. I'll send you one of the same in return and you can use it in a future project, play darts with it or toss it in the scrap bin - it won't hurt my feelings - I promise!  :O} (and yes, these signature blocks are going to be used in a future project - probably a published pattern of some type so if you feel a little funny about having your name splashed on a block you can leave off your name and just write a little small message - but please do include a city and state!

That's about it - it's pretty simple and straight forward!  (geez, for someone who wanted this simple without a lot of rules - I sure did get a little windy there!)

Send charms to:

Sew Unique Creations
c/o Tara Darr - Charm Swap
3713 Flowermeadow St.
Joliet, IL 60431

And - for those of you coming to the NQA Show in Columbus, Ohio next week - bring me some charm squares!  I'll have a "special" basket hiding underneath my cutting counter for anyone that wants to dig through the basket and swap with me while I'm vending at the show!  Just tell me you want to swap charms and I'll hand you the basket to dig in!  I'll have extra "light" charms on hand for you to sign and write your city and state on also in case you forget to bring one or just want to use my fabric!  LOL  And I'll warn you now - I'll have my camera with me and if I'm not crazy busy in the booth cutting and folding fabric - I'm going to be snapping pictures! (I'll ask first of course!)  I have to have something to blog about!!!!

Little Treasures From Quilt Market

OK- I have to admit - I found a little treasure at Quilt Market that I fell in love with and had to get.  I'm not really big into jewelry - but when I saw someone wearing one of these - I had to have one!

Are those not stinking cute!  I love them - I bought one just like this above that is a pin and then  I bought another similar to this one below but in pinks and browns - of course - one of my favorite color combos!

They are priced so reasonably also for all the detail that has gone into them.  And the creator - Julie Letvin is such a sweetheart!  She's a gal from Iowa that I would love to be neighbors with - just such a kind and fun person and talented too!

Be sure and check out here website here:  Me & My Stitches

And in other news - I'm getting ready to do a Charm Squares exchange.  Nothing to formal - just a really easy, simple exchange.  I'm working on a lot of new pattern ideas using small scraps and I figured a charm exchange would be fun and fit the bill!  I'll post more on this soon - it's going to be fun!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bonnie Blue Basics Two Fabric

We only have a few yards of a few select pieces from the Bonnie Blue Basics II line of fabric and it is now on sale!  Here's a link for you to check it out!

And of course here are a couple pics from 2 more quilt shops we stopped at on our journey to quilt market!

That's my quilt hanging up in the corner!  It's home with me now and you'll probably see it in the booth at the shows this summer!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 New "Cuties" colors added to website

 If you have enjoyed the original colors we offered in our "cuties" line of pre-cut fabrics, you will love the 4 new colors we just added to the website!  Now available is Chrome Yellow, Teal Blue, Green and Light Blue.

What's a cutie you ask:  Well let me tell you....

"Cuties" have 5 - fat sixteenths. A Fat Sixteenth measures approximately 9" x 10 1/2". Fabric prints may vary from those shown in the photos.

You can view all of the cuties available here on our website:

Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Also on our journey to market in Minneapolis we visited a friend along the way that happened to live in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. We enjoyed an evening boat ride, a great nights sleep in her grandkids comfy northwoods style beds (and yes, I was the guinea pig that slept on the top bunk - pictures of that episode to follow if I can get Debbie to send me a copy!) and then a nice quiet boat ride the next morning prior to leaving to finish off our drive into Minnesota.

Our friend is Debbie Field, owner of Granola Girl Designs and you can visit her website here:

Enjoy the photos!

The front view of Debbie's beautiful lakeside retreat!

The backside view of Debbie's home from the lake.

Debbie's grandkids playhouse - I wanted to jump right in there and play house myself!

I love how this photo turned out.  This was taken during our evening boat ride and the reflection of the trees on the water was wonderful!

See the momma duck in the above photo?  She's sitting on her eggs!

This is a Loon doing his little water dance.

This was our view of the lake on our morning boat ride.

And before I forget to mention - I wanted to give a little "shout out" to Doug from Kona Bay Fabrics!  Thanks for visiting our blog Doug and thanks for your kind comments on our Quilt Market Photos!  Bloggers - if you have not checked out Kona Bays fabrics and their newest things coming out - be sure to visit www.konabay.com and their blog at Kona Bay Fabrics Blog!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Quilt Market Photos

For those of you that do not follow PamKittyMornings blog - go check it out - she just uploaded a bunch of photos from Quilt Market!

Here's me again -I was soooooo - tired this day and you can tell!

Attic Shirtings and Compliments are here!

All three of these collection are in stock now!  They are gorgeous!  You can click on each of the links above to view the individual fabrics!

And wait till you see all the gorgeous new fabrics coming very soon!  Wow - I did some ordering at Quilt Market!  LOL

Primitive Gatherings

I finally made it to Primitive Gatherings Quilt shop. In all of my traveling around - I had never been here yet - until a couple weeks ago before Quilt Market.  It was awesome - I could have stayed all day - I could have moved in there and lived forever.  Now I understand and agree with everyone else that is in love with this quilt shop.  Wow - enough said.

The full view of the front of the shop.

Don't we make a cute bunch!  LOL - That's Lisa and Nick on the left, me in the center, then Kathy and Linda.  

Seriously - if you have not been here - go!  You can visit their website at:

They had some of the most gorgeous fabrics, the best kits and of course the best new book that just came out!  I bought a bunch of kits to work on while I travel around and things to do while camping this summer.  Then - they had the neatest packages of pre-cut fabrics!  5" charm square packs, 2 1/2" square packs, tumblers and hexagon - OMYGosh!  You just couldn't resist buying them!  

I bought a couple of Schnibbles patterns that they had models made up for and the companion charm packs and the cute little border and binding kits.  Miss Carrie Nelson - if you are reading this - you should see the samples of your quilt patterns in their shop!  They did you proud Carrie!  I'll be making your goodies come this winter when I go into hibernation!

And let me tell you this - their employees are great!  Each of them were so kind and friendly!  Miss Carol was a hoot as usual!  LOL

Go visit their website and get the new book - it's very drool worthy......

JJ Stitches Visit

Here are a couple pics from our stop at JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  Wow - I love that shop.  This was our first stop of the day and we could not wait to get here.  Julie Hendrickson is the owner and is pictured on the far left on the bottom photo!  She's such a doll and picks out some of the most gorgeous fabrics for her shop.

I found a lot of goodies here - including the pattern to make that awesome quilt behind us in the photo!  I found pieces for the older Lancaster County collection of fabric here and also was lucky enough to buy a fat quarter set of Kaye Englands new shirtings - which are just to die for! Visit Julie's website at:

Also - a little birdie told me about Julie's new fabric collections coming out very soon by Windham Fabrics. Yummy pinks and browns!  You go Julie - the fabrics are gorgeous!  Thank you for having such a beautiful shop and allowing us to take a group photo in your shop.  Also - thank you to the kind little lady that took this picture for us - I didn't get your name but I appreciate it!

2010 Spring Quilt Market

OK - I have to apologize for playing a little disappearing act.  We have had the busiest past month - it's just been crazy!  Here are some photos of my booth from Quilt Market in Minneapolis, Minnesota!  I know there are a ton of photos floating around on the blogs, so I hope you are not sick of hearing about Quilt Market just yet - I'm only beginning!

The above photo is me in my booth.  Jon from The Quilters Warehouse took this picture and you can also visit this page to view more booth pics:

And here is a full shot of my booth!

Coming Next is a visit to JJ Stiches!
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