Monday, December 10, 2018

Day #10 Sewing Machine Christmas Decor Tutorial

I have always decorated my home for Christmas. I'll be honest. I have never, in a million years thought to decorate my sewing machine for Christmas but when I saw this tutorial --- well it just changed my thinking and I about tripped trying to make way to my sewing machine fast enough to get ready to make the little Christmas Tree! 

 Is this not the cutest!!!!😁

If anyone else makes these. Please - post them to Instagram or your Facebook page and be sure to tag me in your post. I think these are just darling!  Tag me at @quiltersridge or @tarabaisden  either will do!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Day #9 Snowman Ornament Tutorial - Blogging Challenge

Little Snowmen to decorate your Christmas Tree this season!!!! How adorable.  These would be a cute added little gift to hang from your Christmas packages also!

I found this pattern by accident and really enjoyed this little blog, so take a minute and search around and read her blog. She has some cute things! I found several of her quilts I loved also!

It's fun to search around and read different blogs. I've found several new internet friends that way. I've found a lot of great tutorials and learned many clever new tips and tricks!

Today in my neck of the woods it's a relaxing Sunday. I like to keep Sundays to myself and minimize my work if I can or make it a day for family and friends but today, I need some me time. It's a slow stitching Sunday here in by warm cabin. I'll be nestled up on my comfy sofa, drinking my coffee and hand piecing several quilt blocks while enjoying the Hallmark Channel.

I hope you have an awesome and relaxing day also!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Day #8 Christmas and Holiday Challenge and Blog Writing Challenge Too! - Tablerunner Freebie Pattern!


This is perfect for a project to be completed in a weekend. Literally - you could sit down and have one of these completed for your own home decor and probably make another to give as a gift this Christmas season.

The ideas and color patterns are unlimited with this easy to follow pattern that is provided by those wonderful gals over on the Moda Bake Shop Blog. A Jelly roll, 1/2 yard of backing fabric, little bit of batting and a small amount of fabric for the binding and you are on your way.

This is another one of those great things you can make and could be given as a gift this holiday season and it won't break the bank.  Teachers would love this. Your co-worker would be thrilled.  And remember me bringing up a community member that might need his or her spirits perked up a bit - this may do the trick.

It's ok to play Secret Santa and brighten someone else's day every now and then. I am a firm believer that no good deed goes unseen and does come full circle eventually.

I saw a quote months ago on Facebook that has stuck with me and been in my mind ever since I first saw it.  I fell in love with it instantly and I remind myself of it constantly when I go about playing Secret Santa or if maybe I might do something out of the ordinary for another person.  I love this little ditty...

It's ok to do something for another person for no reason at all and expect nothing from them in return and the world doesn't need to know about it.  Not one thing.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Day #7 No-Sew Fabric Angel Ornaments Tutorial

This tutorial is just so sweet. I love angels, especially Christmas Angels. And talk about simple to make. I love the old time Christmas feel these Angels have, love the burlap and raggedy muslin look and feel of them.

This sweet little denim angel would really make a cute addition in a farmhouse or old fashioned themed Christmas decor.

Sweet little angel ornaments.

Just precious.  We all have bits and pieces of muslin laying around. Get a little creative with these, have fun and try something new.

While you are on this gal's blog, peruse around a little and enjoy her offerings. She has some fantastic photography skills, some wonderful sounding recipes and just have fun!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Day #6 Christmas and Holiday Challenge and Blog Writing also! Christmas Ornament Pattern

Day #6 of my Challenge!!!

Are these ornaments not the cutest! (Just click on the link above!)

I can literally dive into my own personal stash basket of scraps and be able to make a bunch of these ornaments up in no time at all!  The gals over at the Moda Bake Shop posted this pattern a while back and I'm glad I found this little treasure!

Just think - you could make these for ornaments for your own tree. Or give them as gifts to a couple that is newly married and might want a few keepsake type ornaments for their new Christmas Tree. Or - the other idea I had for these - Christmas Gift Tag hangers - You could easily make these ornaments as a gift also and use them as a Christmas Gift Tag by using a Pigma pen to write on the back of the ornament. For Example:

From: Grammie with Love

See - wouldn't that be cute!

Or - If you know of someone in your community that might need a little bit of a "pick me up" in their spirits this holiday season. Well, here ya go. Make up a few of these cute little ornaments.  Drop them down in a gift bag with a sweet little note of encouragement stuck in a Christmas Card and play Secret Santa and leave it hanging on their front door or in a special place they will be surprised to find a treasure awaiting them!  A co-worker - leave them a surprise on their desk.  Need a teacher's gift..... here ya go!  I could go on and on when I get on a roll....just ask my kids.

I'm off to spend my day sewing. I have a million pieces awaiting me at the sewing machine and my fingers are itching to be off this blasted computer and sitting at my sewing machine, with my puppies laying on their blanket next to me as I sew, the woodstove with a good fire burning in it, a pot of coffee and some soft country music playing in the background! I've typed my self-imposed goal of 3,000 words for today in the book I am writing and now the rest of the day is mine to enjoy!

Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Day # 5 Burlap Stocking Tutorial

I am so excited about this little tutorial and pattern I found to share with you!  I love burlap. I love the vintage and old feel it adds to my Christmas decor.

I love the little ball trim added to the cuff of the stocking. I think homespun fabric would make a beautiful cuff fabric on these also & paired with the burlap fabric - a complete vintage, old-fashioned Christmas look!

The link I provided above will lead you directly to the instructions to make these clever stockings and the link to download the pattern sheets. She has a few other pages on her blog attached previously to this page that I had to dig through to get to the pattern page so you may want to backtrack a little if you feel like doing some reading and perusing.

Enjoy my friends!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Day 4 Christmas & Holiday Quilting Fun and the Blog Challenge!!

It's day 4 of my Christmas & Holiday Quilting Fun, self-imposed challenge and the Blog Writing Challenge that I joined.

I'm super excited about this free pattern I'm sharing with you that I found on the Moda Bake Shop Blog today.  Personally - I love giving homemade gifts for Christmas and for Birthdays and just because.  I think any teen girl, a college girl or even us Moms would love this!  And it looks super easy to make.

With all those cute Moda Charm packs and the fabulous prints I've seen them produce this year alone - I just bet you could make up a few of these in a Christmas theme, then make up a few in the gift receivers favorite colors. Then if the receiver of these adorable curling iron pockets goes to college ---go for the college colors - or her high school colors for that matter if she's still in high school!

Here is another treat I have to share with you today.  I found this amazing sew-a-long a couple days ago on the AQS Blog.  Isn't this quilt gorgeous!

Visit the AQS Blog for all the details and be sure you go back and visit daily to print out or save each PDF file of the new pattern introduced daily through and including on Christmas Day!

This past weekend I enjoyed some nice quiet hand stitching time.  I worked on quite a few different things, testing out some quilt stamps and some other templates I drew out.  I've enjoyed using some of the fabrics I recently received in a fabric exchange I was part of.  I loved playing with the new prints that I didn't already have in my stash!

Have a good one ya'll!

And remember - Be Fierce, Be Strong because YOU are worth it!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Day #3 Redwork Stitchery Ornament & Lollipop Ornaments Tutorial

I love these little ornaments! So cute and quick to stitch up! The tutorial is a nice full-color download for you.

and then I also found another cute ornament tutorial for you today.....

Don't these look fun and so clever!  Easy enough to whip up in no time at all to decorate your Christmas Tree!

I love the buttons in the center as added dimension and the ribbon tied around the lollipop stick!  What's that - no ribbon on hand you say?  Never fear - just use some of the fabrics you do have on hand a cut a small strip of fabric!

I really like the idea of some bright and cheery fabric lollipops added to a Christmas tree, especially if you have little girls and boys in your household that would delight in seeing the added pop of color on the tree.  But if you are a bit more traditional.....

The fabric combinations are endless.

Look at that aqua and red fabric combination in the bottom row, center photo. I love aqua and red together - such a cheery fabric combination! 





Oh and don't get me started on how cute these little lollipops would be in my favorite civil war reproduction fabrics!  Oh, be still my heart, I may have to go dig into my collection of Pam Buda's luscious greens and reds and creams from her lovely fabrics! (an awesome fabric designer for Marcus Fabrics, which I'm sure you already knew that!)

And speaking of Miss Pam, have you seen her new book? It's called "Vintage Patchwork" and it's the most delightful and lovely book.

 Packed with the loveliest projects and clever????  This whole book is organized around the thought that you can create the projects within using just one of her 10" square bundles of fabric. She designed this fabric called Prairie Basics And Shirtings and it is just luscious!

And above is a little look at the projects in the book! Earlier, I shared the link to her website which will lead you directly to her page where you can order the book only.  This link just below will show you the "Grand-daddy" present for yourself - go order the book and the fabric bundle because you are worth it my friend!

Have fun with this tutorial I shared today and I hope you can dig into your own fabric stash and find some treasures to make a couple or three lollipops for your Christmas tree this year!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Day #2 Peppermint Swirl Christmas Tree Skirt Free Pattern and Blog Writing Challenge continues....

Oh My Gosh - I found this freebie pattern over on the Moda Bake Shop blog and I knew I had to share this one today on my 31 Day self-imposed blog challenge for Christmas and Holiday Fun!

Ladies (and gents if you follow) I love this. If you start now I'm sure you could have one made in time for your Christmas tree this season. Plus - I like the idea in the photo also - it could be used on your table also - imagine that - beautiful!!

Those Moda Bake Shop gals never cease to amaze me and if you don't follow their blog - go over and follow this link also because they started the annual Countdown To Christmas yesterday and the block pattern called Country Winter looks super cute! (block is shown below and the link to the first day of the Countdown To Christmas for 2018 is just below the photo!!!)

I am off to enjoy some hand piecing this afternoon and enjoy some movies on the Hallmark channel.  Yes - I am one of those girls and love me some Christmas Hallmark movies.  I don't indulge in much TV time, but I do make time when the new movies appear for the season!

I've got some special hand piecing projects I've started working on as I've been recovering from my surgery last week. I'll try and take some good photos soon to share with you! Promise!

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