Thursday, December 20, 2018

Day #20 Cute Christmas Gift Tag Tutorial - Blogging Challenge Continues!!!!

I was so tickled to find this little tutorial!  I love handmade gifts. I really love these handmade gift tags!.  All from little scraps!  These are just so stinking cute!

I really love that little gingham ribbon she has used on the top of the gift tags also.  If you have a little homespun fabric in your stash - that will work also!

Polka Dots!  Always such a cute addition! Another little idea - if you are like me and don't have ribbon laying around - use some fabric from your stash!  Iron some wonder under or Heat and Bond to the back of a piece of fabric. Cut small strips to use for the little ribbon on the package and iron it in place. OR you could simply use fabric glue instead of a fusible product.  Then make a simple little bow out of a slender strip of fabric for the top of the package on this little Christmas tag idea! Easy!

Buttons are always such a cute addition. I have jars of buttons in my home and can always find a button if I need one. But - if you don't have buttons - make a little fabric yo-yo!

Just a few more days before Santa arrives. I'm ready, are you?

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