Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Day #12 Snowman Yo-Yo Ornament Tutorial

Look at this cute little guy (or gal) snowman ornament tutorial I came across!  Cuteness!

Super easy, super quick and using just scraps from your scrap bag!  I love it!

See the little noses used for the snowmen in the picture above? In this tutorial, she uses clay - which is awesome, works great.  But I have a quick tip to share from my craft show days.  Buying a chunk of clay might not make sense when you have only a few of these snowmen to make up and finding the orange clay this time of year in certain areas may be challenging. So - go to your local dollar store and buy a package of  either round toothpicks or a package of small diameter wooden food skewers.  Either work great and you can use a simple crafting knife or a utility knife to carefully cut the wooden pieces to the length you need (please be careful!)  Then just paint them! Or if you wanted to be a bit more rustic and still can see the bare earth (for those of us in the snow-covered regions of the USA this might be impossible!) find a few small twigs outside, cut them to length and paint!

Enjoy and happy creating!

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