Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Centennial Treasures & Covey Toile have arrived!

Centennial Treasures has arrived!

Centennial Treasures by Judie Rothermel
Gorgeous colors - bundles and yardage are now available and ready to ship!

Also arrived last week -

Covey Toile by Jo Morton
We order " a lot" of this fabric - it's a gorgeous tan shade on cream background - just lovely!

And also back in stock - several different pieces from the following collections!

Attic Shirtings by Jo Morton

Seneca Shirtings by Jo Morton

Toast by Jo Morton

Ravenwood by Jo Morton

And for everyone that has caught the "Red & White" quilt fever - we have ordered more Bella Solids in the much sought after shades of Country Red and Ivory - we apologize for selling out of those last week!  Those are now available for pre-order on our website.  (and just a little side note - the "price" of the Bella Solids has increased, so if you visit our webpage you will notice the price difference on these two colors we have re-ordered.  We do apologize, but we knew it was coming!)


We are busy getting ready for the Paducah show!!!  Are you coming??? Stop by the Kentucky Oaks Mall Tuesday April 26th through Saturday April 30th and say "hello"!  We'll be there with bells on and have everything on our website - in the booth!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jo Morton's Covey Toile Fabric Has Arrived!

Jo Morton's Covey Toile has arrived!

For all of us that have been waiting - ever so patiently - for this fabric to be reprinted - it has now arrived!

This is the setting fabric used in the Vintage Holiday quilt from Jo's Little Women Club #10!!!

You can view a larger image of this fabric here on our website (just click on the image on our website to enlarge it!:

Covey Toile Fabric

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Fabrics and Other Goodies Newsletter!

This is a long newsletter - but full of good things! If you already subscribe to our newsletter - you should have received this in you email account already!
Lot's of new goodies!

Well, we've been busy as ever - accepting new fabric deliveries and cutting up lovely bundles of fabric!  Check out these new beauties!

Manchester By Nancy Gere for Windham
We have this line available in fat eighth, fat quarter and half yard bundles and even broke it down into individual color bundles this time!

Cedar Chest Memories by Faye Burgos for Marcus Brothers
This fabric line is also available in several different bundles sizes as well as yardage.

Alice's Wash Day Blues by Carrie Quinn for Blue Hill
Our first order finally arrived after a long, long wait!  It's gorgeous.  We have a few bundles and select yardage still available.  A second order was already placed weeks ago for this fabric and we hope to have more yardage and bundles available soon if you miss out on this round!

Here's an oldie, but goodie!

Toast II by Jo Morton for Andover
We were lucky enough to get this collection of fabric back in stock and the bundles of fabric and yardage is up on the website!

We've got a little surprise to share -----  This is a good one too!

The cat's out of the bag - those great gals from Bonnie Blue Quilts have been at it again and are bringing this fabulous Block of The Month Project to our doors very soon!  Look!

Block of The Month registration for "The Cotton Club"  is now open and we are offering you several different ways to join in on the fun!

All of the information is up on our website so go check it out and let us know what you think!  And of course there are no registration or membership fees!

The Cotton Club

We cannot wait to get this fabric line in - the reds and browns are so lovely!

* The Civil War Reunion fabric saga continues.  We are still waiting on more of this fabric to arrive, but this week's deliveries are looking pretty promising!  If everything runs smoothly, we should be able to ship out the remaining Pre-Orders for the Civil War Reunion fabrics that we have not shipped yet.  Those orders will probably start to ship by next Monday if everything arrives as scheduled.

Centennial Treasures fabric update - we have no "new" news on this line yet.  It should be coming soon.

Crossroads To Texas fabric line - again this is a Blue Hill Line of fabric and if you recall from our last newsletter - Blue Hill is moving their entire inventory to a new warehouse location!  What a job!  They should be back - up and running as usual very soon.


** Please note the following "boo-boo" or "error" in our new book "Simply Charming: Small Scrap Quilts of Yesteryear".  Sadly - and most embarrasingly a template error was discovered at one of my most recent book signings.  I'm embarrased, but yet we will move on from this.  We have 2 templates in this book shown on pages 85, (the tumbler template), 96 & 101 (this is the triangle template - same template for different quilts).  Please note in your books that the templates are too large.  While the template printed for the "Living Off The Scrap Bag" pattern or the "tumbler" on page 85 will still make a lovely quilt - it will be bigger than the quilt pictured.  The "triangle" template for the "Stars Over The Mountains" quilt and the "Hidden Treasures" quilt will work just fine also - but the printed "cutting dimensions" for your borders will be to small!

Both Templates - disregard the outer printed "cutting line"   Use the "dash line" or the sewing line as your cutting line instead.

What has happened - when we requested that a seam allowance be added to our templates for the book, the seam allowance was added to the outside of our template - not knowing - we meant to add the seam allowance to the "inside" of our template.  Easy mistake to make, but this one slipped through our hours and hours of editing and we do apologize.  Like I said previously - both of these templates are still quite usable as printed - the finished piece will just turn out larger than our models!

Next, for the template for the "Stars of the Mountain Quilt" shown on page 96 and the "Hidden Treasure template shown on page 101 - same thing - use the printed sewing line as your cutting line instead. If you chose to use the templates in the size they are physically printed - please be aware that your borders will need to be cut larger!!!!  Measure your finished piece and use those dimension for cutting your borders and NOT the printed sizes in the book!

(be a kind quilter and help us spread the word on this correction - if you have friends or family that have a copy of this edition (the first printing) of this book - please let them know of the corrections!)

It's time for us to take a little break and go on a family adventure this coming weekend.  April 8 and 9, 2011 we will be going out of town.  No orders will be shipped on those days, but normal shipping will continue on April 11th, 2011 as always!


Be sure and check our ad in the June 2011 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine!  Page 125 - it's being shipped to subscribers now and should be on newstands soon!

Are you coming to Paducah for the quilt show at the end of this month?  Be sure to visit us at Kentucky Oaks Malls - same location as last year!  We'll be open April 26th through the 30th!

Bloomington, Illinois Quilt Show Pictures!

A fun time was had this past Saturday when we traveled to Bloomington, Illinois for the Hands All Around Quilt Guild show.  We enjoyed meeting up with old friends, shopping the vendors and of course viewing the quilts!

Below is the slide show of all the quilt pictures we took and following the slide show is also a link for you to go directly to our WebShots photo album if you would like to view the photos that way instead!  Enjoy!

2011 Bloomington, Illinois Quilt Show

Be looking for our newsletter to be sent out later today if you've signed up for it!

Also - here's a little "eye candy" - this is a quilt I recently won on an ebay auction and it's better - much better than I expected!  Wow!!!!  I'm in love!

Each of the "little logs" in these log cabin blocks are just a little bigger than the width of my pinkie finger!  So tiny - so cute and wonderful.  I'm really having a good time looking at each of the fabrics in this quilt.  I wonder how old it is!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bloomington Illinois Quilt Show This Weekend!!!

The excitement is building here in my sewing room!  Tomorrow I'm going to visit the:

at the
Bloomington Sale Barn
2027 South Main Street
Bloomington, IL

Last year's show was excellent and had some great vendors.  I'm really looking forward to seeing this years quilts!  Would you like to see some photos from last years show?  Well below is a slide show and a link to my WebShots album of all the photos I took!  Such a talented group of quilters in this guild!!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Hands All Around Quilt Guild Show March 2010

And here is a direct link to my photo album if you would like to go directly there and not view the quilts on the above slide show!

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