Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quilters Get Listed


Well this looks like fun! Did you sign up yet?  Click on the logo above and list your blog!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

October American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine

And here is the cover of the October 2010 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine!  Is this cover quilt not gorgeous!  I love it!  Lissa Alexander of Moda Lissa is the designer - drop dead gorgeous quilt Lissa! This quilt pattern starts on page 61

Next we have.....

Ohhhh - be still my heart. Plaid, homespun and a quilt - love it!  This one is designed by Kathie Holland of Inspired by Antique Quilts Fame.  Is it not gorgeous!  Simply beautiful!  It begins on page 28

Next we have....

This one is called Apple Crisp and is designed by Jan Ragaller - she's a fellow Illinois designer and works at a local quilt shop in Rockford, Illinois! Acorn Quilts!  I love the colors used in this one! It starts on page 94.

And next we have a favorite block of mine.....

Oh the Bride's Bouquet block.... love it!  This one is called Fresh Cuts - I'm dreaming of it done up in lighter toned civil war reproduction fabrics!  I actually have made 2 of these blocks using 30's repros and they turned out cute!  This one begins on page 45 and was designed by Marti Michell.

And next we have..
This is Passion Flower and begins on page 78.  Isn't it pretty!  This would be gorgeous in brighter civil war reproduction fabrics also! This was designed by Pat Sloan.

This issue of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine is great!  A must have, it's hitting news stands soon!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Land Of Lincoln Quilt

Hello Bloggers!  Long time no - chat!
 It seems I've gotten lost in a pile of scraps, but I wanted to take a minute to give you a peek at our newest quilt in the October 2010 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine!  It's just now being mailed out to subscribers and should be on the new stands soon!!!!

Our quilt is called Land of Lincoln and is on pages 86 through 93.

There are quite a few other beauties in this issue also.  I'll try to get those scanned in to share also!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Desert Flower Quilt Pattern Search

Thank you to Susi for helping me out on my quest to find this pattern:

Susi led me to the book Wisconsin Quilts: History In The Stitches

And low and behold on page 165 is a quilt called: Desert Flower, dated 1936 and the maker was Grace Armstrong.

It says in the article that Grace purchased this pattern for 35 cents in 1936 at Mary McElwain's quilt shop in Walworth, Wisconsin.

So next I went searching on-line with no luck for a pattern.

Next I went to my trusty Barbara Brackman book: Encyclopedia Of Quilt Patterns

I have found the block #424.7a called Desert Flower by Mary McElwain and Desert Rose attributed to Nancy Cabot by Nancy's 

That's as far as I've gotten and again, I'm stumped.  I've found quite a few articles on line with people mentioning Mary McElwain, but nothing else.

I guess I'll just have to continue searching.  You would think in the gazillion books and things I have around here I could come up with something!

Oh and thank you again Susi!  I'm still admiring and drooling over your Aunt Clara's Quilt!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Name That Quilt Pattern!!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  Ours here in this neck of the woods was nice and calm and fun!

All right - I need your help again!!!  Above is a photo of a quilt I took 2 years ago.  This quilt was hanging in an antique quilt dealers booth and now I'm searching for the pattern!  Of course I can't remember the dealers name. Any clue what this pattern is called?  It really would not be hard to figure out - but if there is a pattern out there - I need to find it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Scrap Boxes Up For Grabs

OK, the day has gotten away from me. Between sewing, running to the post office, packing orders and running boys back and forth to the fishing pond the day has flown by!  But - I did get the boxes of scrap fabrics listed on ebay and as I promised those of you that emailed me - here's a link to my ebay scrap box auctions!

If you have a problem getting there, my ebay ID is:    sewunique

Here's some photos of the boxes of goodies.  There's five different boxes listed!  Thanks for helping me clean up my studio!!!!

Quilting Trips in the Area

I received an email while out of town doing quilt shows and I wanted to pass this info on to everyone in the area!  Vicki Madigan has organized several Quilt Trip Outings in the area - if you are interested, give her a jingle - here's the info!

The trips are:
August 7-2010  The Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show-one day trip  $70
September 10, 2010- WI Quilt Expo-Madison, WI -one day trip  $70
Sept. 11, 2010 -WI Quilt Expo-Madison, WI -one day trip  $70
October 1-2,2010 Shipshewana, IN  overnight trip  (Final cost TBD) about $200-225.00

Vicki Madigan

Tinkering & Pondering

So I finally installed my EQ7 upgrade last night.  I've only had it sitting here since Quilt Market - which was in the middle of May!  That's sad - to wait this long to install such a fun program!
So far it seems pretty easy and very similar to EQ6 - put I have to confess, I haven't explored any of the new options in the program just yet.  

Last night I tinkered with it and was able to lay out 9 new little quilts.

I really wish I could make more hours in the day to play with all the new features, but deadlines loom on the horizon and I've got to get to work.  At least the work will be fun - playing around with fabric, sewing and hand quilting - that kind of fun, it's all good.

Then my next dilemma, I'm pondering this purchase and have been for a couple of months now:

Yes that's an Accu Cut studio cutter.  I want it. I need it for the amount of 5" squares, 2 1/2" squares, strips and tumblers I cut around here.  Remember last month when I cut over 12,000 five inch charm squares in less than a week?  Well when some friends heard about that - they claimed I was nuts for doing it all by hand with a rotary cutter and ruler. I admit to the nuts part, but I just cannot get myself to the point of saying - "Just order the thing already!"  What do you think?  Anyone out there in blog land own one?  I know a lot of folks have the AccuCut Go - but I'm not sure that's what I need - I think I need the "big daddy" version!  LOL

Charm squares are rolling in for our charm square swap.  We are still swapping and really enjoying it!  I'll have to take a picture of some of the "uglies" I've received so far - that has really been interesting to see what some consider ugly!  The "uglies" I'm sending in return are truly ugly to me - but someone else might not think so!

Yesterday my plans of playing at the sewing machine got way-laid as I went on the hunt searching for something.  Well, you know how that goes sometimes.  Here I was on the hunt for something and next thing I know I wasted the whole stinking day cleaning a corner of the basement!  Ugghhh, but it was fun going through the boxes and stash bins.

I was even able to pack up and ship out a 26 pound box of fabric happiness to my Great Aunt!  Man did that feel good - and it's given me a little (and I do mean just a little) more breathing room around here.  Great Aunt Columbia in West Virginia will receive her surprise box this Friday and I'm sure she will love it.  Fabric is hard to find down in that area and my Great Aunt loves to quilt!  The last time I gave her fabric - she blew my mind at how quickly she put her quilts together!  Shes fast!

I've blogged about her in the past and here's a pictures of one of her beauties:

Then I went through the scrap basket.  Which to put it mildly - was overflowing.  Beyond overflowing to be honest with you!  I boxed up 5 different boxes of scraps and I'll probably list those on ebay.  Seriously - how many scraps can I keep holding onto in my lifetime!  I've already got a ton of scrap fabric and thousands of pieces already cut into various shapes and sizes just ready to go for future projects.  Put it this way - the scrap bin was smashed  full of goodies - the stack was over 3 feet high.  That's crazy!  So I sorted and sorted and kept a small amount of "favorites" - super favorite pieces that is and the rest I divided into flat rate boxes.  I de-cluttered the stash a bit yesterday - I admit.  I would mail them on to relatives to use, but it's all civil war type fabrics and they are just not that "into" my kind of fabric!  So ebay it is.....

Now, I've got to move on with today's activities - I think I'm going to sew!  Yep, I said it - I'm going to park my butt in my sewing chair and have a bit of fun today and see what kind of magic I can work up!  What are you up to today?

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