Monday, December 31, 2018

Day #31 Zig-Zag Snowflake Pillow Tutorial

And here we are on the final day of my self-induced 31-day blog writing challenge.  I hope you have enjoyed these last 31 days in which I have shared many of the free Christmas and Holiday tutorials I was able to find online to share with you.  If you missed any days, feel free to search back through our blog!

And last but certainly not least we end our challenge on a high note with this fabulous tutorial from quilting friend Pat Sloan.

Such a cute and clever design. I love the use of the red and aqua fabrics also - two of my favorite little more modern colors added together.  These adorable snowflake pillows will see your winter decor through the remaining weeks of winter.

I wish you warmth and happy stitching.

I'm not going anywhere though. You didn't think I'd just walk off and leave you after 31 days straight of blogging again now, did you?

I'll see you soon folks, I need to go type some more words into that book I'm working diligently on!

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