Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Civil War Quilts Book - A Must Have!!!

I had no intention of blogging twice today, but my lovely postal lady brought me the absolute best package earlier and I simply had to share!

This book is 100 times better than I expected.  The photography is so rich and wonderful - you can actually see some of the wonderful hand quilting on many of the quilts.  The colors are lovely in the photos - they appear to be so "right on" with the era of these quilts.  The layout of the book is fabulous.  The stories are intriguing and well written (from what I've gotten to read so far!)

And - there are patterns for some of the quilts in the book.

Oh My! I have to make this quilt block soon - it's calling my name! (click on any of the photos - I have left the files a bit larger so that you could get a really good sneak peak at this book!)

Oh do I love this quilt!

This book is titled Civil War Quilts, authored by Pam Weeks and Don Beld - the publisher is Schiffer (they always produce such great books!)

If you have a local quilt shop - call them and request they order this book for you- you will not regret it!

Here's a little more eye candy!

Lovely reproduction fabrics!

Oh man - I gotta make this quilt too!

This one has also been added to the to do list also!

I cannot say enough about how good the photography in this book is.  The information - wow - I'm like a sponge, everything is written so well!

Inside cover details - look at that quilting!

Go order this book!


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