Thursday, March 15, 2012

Getting Ready To Hand Quilt With A Feline

Yesterday afternoon I set out to pin baste this quilt top so that I can hand quilt it.  As you can see above - it's pin basted and ready to go and I started the quilting last night. But to get to this stage I had a visitor that wanted to help...... of course!

The coast is clear so far - I've almost got my backing fabric taped down and ready!

As you can see the "Boss" is sneaking in and trying to investigate what I'm doing!  See her up in the top of the photo?  Almost have my batting ready to go - this picture was just before she took a nose dive into the center and I had to start over!

Batting arrange, quilt top arranged but not pinned and she's claimed her territory!  You know, it's a good thing I really love Bella the Boss.  It's also a good thing she's a short hair cat and sheds very little -  otherwise I'd be putting my feline friend in a separate room when I'm attempting to work on hair attracting projects! I teased her away so that I could straighten the quilt back out and start pinning with a few catnip treats!

 A close up of pin basting the quilt in progress!

A "pieceful"moment starting to hand quilt last night. (Of course, Bella was on my lap during this whole process while I was quilting!)


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