Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Project off to a great start!

Just a quickie post this morning, I'm off to the doctor for more blood work.  Checking my thyroid levels and assorted other on going issues.  Drats - I'd rather stay home and sew!

Yesterday I worked more on this project:

So far, I think it's coming along nicely.

I'm thinking about using this red and cream toile fabric along the side edges of the quilt and as a final border.  Not completely sold on it yet, What do you think?  I've also though about just leaving the pointed right and left sides of the quilt as they are and binding the edges that way - not straightening anything out.  I'll have to sew some of the rows together and play around with it before I decide!

Here's a little inspiration for you:

This is a little quilt I have hanging in the hallway between my sewing room and my office!  So cute!  I won this little gem at an auction last year when I visited Shipshewana during the quilt show there!

Have an awesome day today!


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