Saturday, May 25, 2013

2013 Quilt Market New Notion Review

While at Quilt Market I was able to test this new rotary cutter by Olfa out.  Love it!  They have redesigned the handle to make a more comforting fit in your hand.  The actual handle, instead of being flat like the traditional Olfa rotary cutter has a gentle curve to it and fit better in my hand! I wish I could find a good side shot of the cutter, but alas I cannot.  I'm always worried about the tools I use and the way I use my hands now since having carpal tunnel surgery a year and a half ago.  I do have to say, this cutter felt good in my hand!

It's got the same quick blade change feature as the normal Olfa cutters.

And can be used for right or left handed people!

Plus - I love the aqua color!

Here's a bit of info on the rotary cutter from Olfa's website:

Experience precision with pizzazz! Your creations aren’t boring, and your rotary cutter shouldn’t be either. That’s why we are introducing the new Splash rotary cutter. Vibrant aqua handle is contoured for comfortable cutting, and integrated grooves at the head of the cutter help prevent finger slippage. 
Quick blade change feature means simply sliding the blade-lock down to release the old blade, load new blade, and re-secure blade-lock to begin cutting again. 
Blade cover for additional safety. Includes and fits RB45 blade. 

I cannot wait for my local quilt shops to get these in stock - I want one now!!!!! (Hint, Hint - to my local quilt shops - order these please!!!!!)


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