Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Little Honeycomb Quilt....another UFO

The other day I mentioned I was searching around in my bins and containers for a certain piece of fabric. I "unearthed" another cute little UFO that I have started. I'm not sure yet if I'll make this into a large size bed quilt or maybe make a few smaller quilts as gifts! Who knows - time will tell!

I just love Sterlite containers - they are so handy and come in a ton of different sizes. I usually find mine at Walmart or Target. I really like the snap on lids of these containers and the fact that they stack on top of each other very well! This container holds the beginnings of my Honeycomb quilt.

Isn't it cute! I'm using a lot of my older reproduction fabrics and some newer in this project and probably have a couple hundred shapes cut out and ready to sew!

Look at all those shapes already cut and ready to sew! I had fun digging around in there looking at all the different fabrics!

This is the Ardco template I'm using. I've mentioned before how much I love using Ardco templates - they have a sandpaper feel on the back side that just grabs onto the fabric and helps to hold it in place while you trace your shapes. I'm using the 1 13/32" size on this project. You should hop over to the Ardco website and check out the many,many different templates that are available!

I think I may just add this project back into my traveling sewing bag that I keep ready for road trips and doctor Appointments and such!

Have a great weekend!

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